Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GERD and Apple Cider Vinegar

So in Phase 3 around Day 7, the GERD did come back, slowly at first and then there were a couple bedtimes where I had to sit on the bed side and guzzle down glasses of water and wait for it to subside. It's painful and I worried that it is harming my insides. I'm not sure exactly what foods trigger it, certainly coffee and probably fats and some proteins. I was worried about Phase 4 and re-introducing starch and sugar, which are triggers too.

I started searching the web for answers to how I could deal with this in a healthy way and not go back to depending on acid blockers forever.

First I read that it could be that my stomach just can not digest food. That makes sense to me for many reasons because I have always had a sensitive stomach and I reasoned that if I could get my hypothalmus so out of whack, I may have done the same with my digestive track. So I lack something that helps me to digest foods.

Then the one thing that stood out to me most, since it fit in with advice I heard from HCG experts, was that people kept saying that drinking apple cider vinegar gives immediate relief to heartburn. I liked this idea since it was inexpensive, real food and it is easy to do. So I tried it and YES it works.

I drink a few sips from a glass of 4 ounces of warm water with 1 teaspoon of ACV before or after (almost) every meal or whenever I feel symptoms. I keep a glass of it around to sip on.  I now pack a 2 ounce bottle of ACV in my purse and ask for hot water at restaurants in case I feel acid coming on. As soon as I drink it the acid is gone. I was at a movie and just took a swig from the bottle and that took care of it. Some may think ACV tastes bad, and I will admit that straight ACV is very potent, but compared to acid relux it's a walk in the park. Mixed with water it has a sour malt flavor (like beer) which is not unpleasant. Knowing how good it is for me makes me like it even more.

Now I can enjoy my foods and eat without worry. I have found a way to live with GERD. I don't know the long term effect of taking apple cider vinegar daily. I read that it is like eating an apple a day. My hope is that maybe the good properties of ACV will help my system to restore it's digestive abilities. I will keep reading for new information to improve that, but I am happy that for now anyway I have found this home remedy that helps me to avoid the acid reflux.

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  1. 12/26 Update R1P4D2 - The past week I have not felt more than a momentary twinge of acid and after drinking down some water it went away. I have not even needed to drink the ACV. So now I am drinking it only occasionally when I feel like it would be good for me, and besides that I kind of like the taste of it.